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Silver Bullet AM® Keeps Your HVAC System Clean

An HVAC system is an essential, advanced technology that allows for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning of a building to function using the same infrastructure. Designed not only for optimal comfort and air conditions at all times of year, HVAC systems are also designed to keep the mechanics of air quality up and away from the valuable space that is utilized by the many people within a building. However, it is this - out of sight, out of mind' situation that often allows for the duct work that makes up the HVAC system to become dangerously dirty. While the system is unparalleled in its abilities when properly cleaned and sanitized, the potential health risks it can carry when not properly maintained are as extensive as the system itself.

What is Silver Bullet AM®?

Silver Bullet AM® is a shop applied antimicrobial coating designed to prohibit the growth of odor causing bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew and algae in an HVAC system. Keeping your duct work clean and protected before installation is easy with a shop applied solution like Silver Bullet AM ®, which is available in several sizes and application formulas from Bio Shield Tech.

Why Choose Silver Bullet AM® Over Pre-Coated Steel For Duct Work?

While you can purchase steel that has already been treated with an antimicrobial coating, to take advantage of this option you must be prepared to purchase a full coil of each size you'll need to fabricate your HVAC system. In addition to being extremely costly, excess steel is not a small or easy material to store, adding storage costs to the already prohibitive costs of the product itself. Contrary to precoat coils, shop applied Silver Bullet Antimicrobial Coating is an economical option for any installer. And if you don't have a facility to apply Silver Bullet AM® at your disposal, you can buy the treatment and the steel you need, and opt to have someone else apply the product for you.

Whether to treat or not treat the steel you will use in the duct work of your HVAC system should never be considered an option. While the advantages of this comprehensive cooling, heating and ventilating system are great, so is the potential for the swift and potentially damaging spread of odor causing bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew and/or algae. Silver Bullet AM helps to keep your system clean. There is NO substitute for Silver Bullet AM®