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PureGreen24 - Antimicrobial Cleaning Power That Keeps On Protecting

Is the most complete sanitation available a must for you? Then look no further than PureGreen24. Available in an assortment of sizes to meet everyone's needs, this cleaner brings the natural power of silver to the table (or floor, telephone, keyboard or desk!) to sanitize, disinfect and protect against not only what is already present on the surface you're cleaning, but also the potential army of bacteria, viruses and fungi that will attack the surface in the next 24 hours. That's right - Pure Green 24 keeps on disinfecting for up to 24 hours after you have put away the mop or rag and moved on.

Formulated for use on hard surfaces, from light switches to steering wheels, PureGreen24 works to promote a cleaner, healthier environment, whether you're washing up the bathroom floor at home, or sanitizing an entire school. School cleaning can easily seem an uphill battle, with germs and illnesses being traded like cards amongst hundreds or even thousands of students, staff and faculty members every day. But including products such as Pure Green 24 in your arsenal helps tilt the scales in your favor, controlling not only bacteria, but also the odors it often brings.

Not simply for schools and homes, PureGreen24 is also an important ally for EMS technicians and other first responders, quickly killing MRSA, VRE, and HIV, just to name a few viruses and bacteria. The potential for harm in a crime scene cleanup does not only affect the expert in charge of cleaning, but also everyone who will be in contact with the scene in some way. Oftentimes, crimes, accidents, and deaths occur in very public places, and a quick complete cleanup is necessary to ensure the safety of many. All of these are unfortunate occurrences, but it is important to be ready to tackle them in the event they do occur.

You may be wary about the personal safety involved when using a cleaning product that sanitizes hard surfaces 20 times faster than leading disinfectants on the market. However, it is only the bacteria, viruses and fungi that have anything to worry about! PureGreen24 is so gentle that you can use it without any protective precautions; no mask, no gloves, no worry. And while you continue with your day, you'll have the piece of mind that comes with knowing you used the best product for the job at hand, and that best product will continue keeping the surface you disinfected 99.999% sanitized for 24 hours.