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Pure Green 24 - A Great Disinfectant for Schools and Day Cares

In addition to nursing homes and medical facilities, schools and day cares are among the most regularly cleaned and disinfected establishments. Each room in these buildings sees anywhere from dozens to hundreds of kids almost every day, each bringing their own bacteria to the table - literally! The spread of bacteria and viruses is largely a numbers game. More people equals more opportunity for bacteria and viruses to be passed from one surface to another to another and so on, particularly in settings where people are sharing a lot of surfaces, such as desks and sinks. It is also important to consider all the surfaces we touch throughout the day without much thought, such as door handles. The opportunities to pick up and spread bacteria and viruses quickly becomes apparent once you start to take notice of everything you touch in a day! So how are we to protect those surfaces from bacteria and viruses? What can we do to kill the viruses, bacteria and fungi that may already be present, as well as protecting the surfaces after they have been disinfected? We can use Pure Green 24 disinfectant spray! While Pure Green 24 is an excellent choice for almost any location, including homes, offices, spas and gyms, it really sets itself apart from many other disinfectants in schools and day care centers. I still remember the stinging smell of the harsh disinfectant my school used, and I've been out of school a long time! I didn't think much of the smell at the time; it became a normal part of our school day. Near the middle of our last class of the day, the janitor would begin cleaning and disinfecting the halls. The smell would quickly creep into each classroom he passed along the way with his mop, reminding us that the bell would ring in about 20 minutes, and that we'd be spending those 20 minutes with our shirt sleeves covering our noses trying not to get a headache. If I could turn back time and buy my high school janitor a bottle of Pure Green 24, who knows how much better my Trigonometry grade could have been. Instead of hiding my nose in my sleeve I could have been paying attention! And that is just one of the many benefits of Pure Green 24 ; it is odorless. No worry of distraction from the smell - no worry of stinging noses and headaches. But what are some of the other benefits that make it such a great fit for schools and day cares? Let's take a look;

  • Pure Green 24 is effective against a large number of bacteria, viruses and fungi, including: MRSA, Norovirus, H1N1, VRE, Influenza and Poliovirus.
  • Pure Green contains no toxic chemicals; it has the lowest toxicity rating assigned by the Federal EPA.
  • Pure Green 24 is non-flammable and non-corrosive, making it safer to use on many surfaces every day without worrying about those surfaces breaking down.
  • This disinfectant is also a deodorizer, killing not only bacteria but the smells they produce as well.
  • The active ingredients in PureGreen24 are silver ions and citric acid - no bleach means no bleach smell!
  • Because PureGreen24 continues to protect surfaces for 24 hours after disinfection, you will only have to disinfect surfaces once per day to keep them protected against bacteria and viruses.
  • Pure Green is EPA registered as a disinfectant for children's toys as well as sports equipment, with no required rinsing!
  • Pure Green 24 boasts fast kill times for a number of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Please see the PureGreen24 Fact Sheet for more information about specific kill times.
Does PureGreen sound like the best disinfectant solution for your day care or school? Whatever size the facility you'll be disinfecting, Bio Shield Tech offers a PureGreen24 package that will suit your needs and your budget! Please browse our Pure Green options, ranging from single bottles to Institutional Packages, and feel free to call us at 888-489-9226 if you have any questions.