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High-quality antibacterial hand soap is a must-have, whether in a medical or dental environment, or even at home. The comprehensive collection of Metrex hand hygiene products found here cover all the bases for keeping hands clean, bacteria-free, soft, smooth and in compliance for healthcare professionals following CDC guidelines for proper hand hygiene.

Metrex hospital-grade hand wash is available in a range of superior products including antimicrobial liquid soap and antimicrobial foaming soap, both with or without added Vitamin E. The Vitamin E line has a refreshing fragrance of apple and plumeria. All of these soaps are gentle, non-irritating and recommended especially for individuals who wash their hands repeatedly during the day.

You'll also find antiseptic towelettes for cleaning and moisturizing when soap and water aren't available - perfect for emergency rescue personnel - as well as antiseptic, no-rinse gels and sprays.

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Proper hand hygiene is your first line of defense in protecting yourself and patients from organisms that cause healthcare-associated infections (HAI). This is why hand hygiene products are of such high importance. The CDC agrees that clean hands are one of the most important factors in preventing the spread of germs in healthcare settings.

Proper hand-washing techniques include washing your hands with soap and water as well as using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. With improper hand hygiene becoming a major component of infection cross-contamination, keeping staff in compliance with the CDC guidelines is a simple step in halting the spread of HAIs. Since the introduction of the CDC Guidelines for Hand Hygiene in Healthcare Settings, healthcare workers now have specific indications for preventing HAI that may ultimately save many lives. To sanitize hands that are not visibly soiled, the CDC recommends the use of alcohol-based hand rubs. The CDC also recommends products that contain emollients to reduce skin irritation and drying. VioNexus™ No-Rinse Spray (alcohol-based) and emollient-filled antimicrobial soaps from Metrex encourage proper hand hygiene practice by making it efficient, convenient and comfortable for you and your staff.

Metrex offers a series of soap and hand hygiene products to help protect against HAIs. Hand Soaps like VioNexus™ and VioNex™ support hand hygiene best practices to aid in preventing the spread of germs. Metrex waterless hand sanitizers & towelettes provide quick and easy solutions to soiled hands. These hand hygiene products also meet the requirements for such products as set out in the CDC Guidelines. Sometimes, the importance of hand hygiene is hindered because people have trouble with dry and itchy hands. This no longer has to be a drawback. VioNex™ Skin Lotion gives extra moisturizing protection without leaving hands greasy.