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Are you looking for a powerful disinfectant that is tough on bacteria, viruses and fungi, but easy on the environment and the inhabitants of the building they'll be used in? Bio Shield Tech recommends PureGreen24 Janitorial Cleaning Supplies. We carry a comprehensive selection of PureGreen24 disinfectants to fit everyone's unique needs and budget. Is PureGreen24 right for you? Let's take a closer look at this popular disinfectant;

Who Can Benefit Most From PureGreen24 Janitorial Cleaning Supplies?
In short, everyone. This disinfectant/deodorizer is a solid solution for office buildings, day cares, spas, homes, hospitals, and nearly every corner of a school, from the locker room to the lunch room. The odorless formula means no more chemical headaches, no more hazardous fumes. It also kills many organisms within 30 seconds, and many very resilient organisms in just 2 minutes, including MRSA. These Janitorial Cleaning Supplies are classified as broad spectrum antimicrobial disinfectants, and are designed to be used on hard, non-porous surfaces following a thorough cleaning. Surfaces PureGreen24 is recommended for include: sinks and showers, floors and cabinets, and tables and telephones. The uses are endless!

How Safe Are PureGreen24 Janitorial Cleaning Supplies?
  • PureGreen24 has the lowest toxicity rating the Federal EPA assigns. It is powerful enough to kill MRSA and H1N1 in a medical facility, but approved by the EPA for use on children's toys in the home. These janitorial cleaning supplies prove that strength can be accessible for various applications.
  • PureGreen24 is primarily comprised of water and SDC, which is made up of naturally-antimicrobial silver and citric acid.
  • OSHA does not consider any of the chemicals in these products hazardous; there is no rinsing required after using PureGreen24, and no special protective gear required to use it safely under normal conditions. Additionally, these products contain no ingredients on the California proposition 65 list, they are non-hazardous to transport, and they possess no ecotoxicity.
  • The formula does not cause skin irritation or emit strong odors or fumes, and it non-corrosive and non-flammable.
Have any questions about PureGreen24? Want to be sure these are among the best products to add to your Janitorial Cleaning Supplies lineup? Give Bio Shield Tech a call at 888-489-9226. We'd be happy to share our knowledge about any of the products we carry, and help you choose the perfect solution to suit your needs!