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Viraguard Hand Antiseptic: Disinfect Your Hands Easily And Effectively

Viraguard is a name that is nearly synonymous with clean. This line of powerful products presents itself as an ally against the spread of bacteria, viruses, and fungi to include such threats as Hepatitis, HIV and MRSA. There are many fields where the potential for the spread of such pathogens looms large, but none so great as the medical field. From the first responders on the scene of accidents, to the emergency room nurses who see more patients in an 8 hour shift than some doctors do in a month, medical professionals must move quickly, carefully and cleanly to protect themselves and their patients. From the EMS lifting a patient onto a stretcher to a nurse taking the patient's temperature and blood pressure, hands are involved from start to finish. If you don't like touching strangers, medicine is not the field for you! It is hands that make help possible, but if those hands aren't properly cleaned with a Hand Antiseptic, it can also be hands that spread any number of bacteria and viruses from patient to patient and patient to medical professional. Because the medical field can be one of the fastest-paced and most biologically-hazardous, it is of unparalleled importance that disinfection be a top priority. recommends the Viraguard line of Hand Antiseptic products. With delivery methods to suit any situation, this line was created with the medical field in mind. Viraguard understands that ideal conditions are not always possible, but that clean cannot be compromised. To match your convenience and preference, Viraguard hand antiseptic is available as an Antiseptic Hand foam and Antiseptic Hand Wipes. In addition to the larger container that's ideal for medical facility settings, Antiseptic Hand Wipes are also available for on-the-go ease in individual pocket packs. Clean was never so convenient!

If the Viraguard's hand antiseptic wipes fits your needs best, but small canisters aren't practical for your hospital, clinic or other medical facility, wall mounted dispensers may be the smartest solution. recommends the Viraguard Touchless Hand Antiseptic Dispenser. Like all Viraguard hand antiseptics, the foam contained in the touchless wall dispenser is non-sticky and actually softens hands. Many top companies, including Viraguard, are answering the call for powerful products that don't dry out skin with frequent use. This product is no exception. An opportunity to spread bacteria is literally at our fingertips every minute of the day. Take prevention into your own hands and make Viraguard Hand Antiseptic an essential sidekick for yourself and those you work with. If you have any questions about Viraguard, please feel free to call Bio Shield Tech at 888-489-9226.