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Most of us have worked at least one job in our lives that we have seen glamorized on television. For me it was working in a nice coffee shop. While Jennifer Aniston's character on Friends was relaxing on the sofa with Phoebe and Monica while she was working every Thursday night, I was being yelled at by mean women whose cappuccinos didn't have the perfect amount of foam. It wasn't the worst job I've ever had, I have just never seen it accurately portrayed on a television show or movie. However, I am going to guess that a job far less accurately portrayed is that of a crime scene cleanup crew. Having had the pleasure to speak with crime scene cleaners on several occasions, I have nothing but respect for the job they must perform under the most difficult circumstances imaginable. Bio Shield Tech carries several high quality lines of cleaners, disinfectants, sanitizers and personal protective products. The brands we offer can be found in countless medical facilities across the country, from community clinics to city hospitals. We focus our attention on the best of the best supplies, and it is these supplies that are also popular in the field of Crime Scene Cleanup.

Crime scene cleanup crews have several very important things to keep in mind every step of the way, including: emotional detachment is necessary to their own sanity and the quality of the work they are performing, and that in addition to comprehensively cleaning the scene, they must also protect themselves with the proper equipment. Add to this that crime scene cleaners are often also on the scene at the same time as grieving loved ones, and you can appreciate how truly difficult their profession is. In almost every situation a crime scene cleanup crew is called upon to handle, bodily fluids are involved. To protect themselves from the potential pathogens these fluids carry, crime scene cleaners don protective coveralls, such as KLEENGUARD* A60 Bloodborne Pathogen & Chemical Splash Protection Coveralls. These make a smart choice for Crime Scene Cleanup coveralls for several reasons to include: their thick, triple-layer construction resists tearing, they pass ASTM F1670/1671 - testing for penetration of blood, body fluids and blood-borne pathogens, and importantly, the middle layer of microporous film allows heat and sweat vapor to escape without compromising protection. Something people don't often consider is how physical the job of crime scene cleanup actually is. Cleaners must be in great physical condition to perform all the duties necessary in any setting or temperature while wearing a full body protective suit. Crime scenes vary in level of contamination, which affects the length of time spent on the scene, but the crime scene cleanup crew must be prepared to spend hours on the scene operating at the same top level when they're wrapping up as they were when they arrived. This is not a job that can afford a mid-afternoon coffee break or daydreaming session. In addition to protecting themselves with products that outperform more basic models, crime scene cleaners also rely on cleaning products that go above and beyond those we typically use in our homes. They must treat every scene as a biohazard, and must not only leave behind a location that looks clean, but one that has truly been made biologically safe.

DuPont RelyOn MDC makes a smart Crime Scene Cleanup supply. The MDC stands for Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner. The DuPont RelyOn MDC line brings top-of-the-line protection for less money than many similar products. You can't afford to compromise clean in the least, no matter the price. However this cleaner/disinfectant makes a lower price possible by leaving the addition of water up to you. Available as a powder or in tablet form, DuPont RelyOn MDC is easy to transport and ship. The concentrated tablets and powder have a long shelf life of 2 years for the tablets and 3 years for the powder. This gives you the opportunity to save money by keeping a large supply on hand, which won't take up the valuable space that a non-concentrated cleaner/disinfectant would. This product is designed for large-scale disinfection of non-porous surfaces, and saves the crime scene cleanup crew time and money by cleaning and disinfecting in one step. The faster you can return a location to its original state, the safer the situation for everyone involved. This Crime Scene Cleanup supply aims to do just that - provide a comprehensive clean while also helping to make a difficult job and situation just a little bit easier for everyone.