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Crime Scene Cleaners: Supplies and Advice to Keep Yourself and Others Safer

There are certain jobs that lend themselves well to people who have previously worked in a particular field, and crime scene cleaners are no exception. Many people who become crime scene cleaners have already worked in the medical field in some capacity. When you consider the steel stomach and desire, willingness and knowledge needed to help others that is the backbone of the medical field, it isn't surprising that so many would turn to crime scene cleanup as a new chapter in their careers. But while this new chapter benefits families, friends, and entire communities in immeasurable ways, it is not a job without its dangers and drawbacks. Bio Shield Technologies salutes these professionals who tackle situations every day that most of us couldn't handle once, and we're proud to carry products that help protect them and others. In addition to providing Crime Scene Cleaners supplies, from Kleenguard coveralls to DuPont RelyOn MDC, we also wanted to put together a short list of advice for crime scene cleaners. We don't profess to be psychologists or biologists in any way; however, sometimes it is the simplest advice that helps the most.

  • The first and most important tip is to never compromise your own safety for your job. Emotions run high at crime scenes, and knowing that you have the capacity to help can make you act more quickly than is safe for your own well-being. Before approaching any cleanup scene, ensure you are properly suited from head-to-toe. The Kleenguard A60 Bloodborne Pathogen & Chemical Splash Protective Coveralls available from are a popular choice for Crime Scene Cleaners. The coveralls combine durability and comfort with a three-layer construction that lets heat and sweat vapor escape while keeping pathogens out.
  • Arm yourself with the cleaners and disinfectants necessary to make a comprehensive clean possible. The best cleaner in the business cannot perform their job well without the right Crime Scene Cleaners and disinfectants. recommends DuPont RelyOn MDC for the cleaning and disinfection of hard, non-porous surfaces. This line of products is designed for large-scale disinfection, and is available in powder and tablet form to make storage and transportation easy. DuPont RelyOn MDC cleaner/disinfectant boasts a long shelf life, its in-use 1% solution gives off no fumes or offensive odors, and it is effective against such biological threats as MRSA, Norovirus, HIV, and Hepatitis A, B and C.
  • Recognize the emotional and physical toll your job may be taking. You already know why you are a crime scene cleaner - it gives you an opportunity to help people in a way that is of the utmost importance. The job you are performing would be difficult for anyone to undertake, let alone the close friends and family of someone who has passed. Your compassion and medical knowledge play very important roles in your profession, but even the most physically and mentally capable person in the world may not be able to stay in this profession forever. If you need to move on from crime scene cleanup to another field, talk to someone who can help you emotionally deal with what you have seen. And importantly, leave knowing that you have accomplished necessary, heroic tasks respectfully and compassionately. is proud to provide Crime Scene Cleaners and disinfectants, as well as several other supplies necessary, to help the cleanup crew perform their jobs with their own safety and the safety of all who come on the scene in mind every step of the way.