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Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. - Crime Scene Cleanup for Every Situation

At, we enjoy the privilege of meeting many fantastic people working in the varied industries that use the products we sell. One such group of people that we have had the pleasure of meeting are the caring, skilled professionals at Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. We are always eager to learn more about growing industries in our field of business, and the helpful, friendly people behind Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. were just as eager to share their expertise with us. You might imagine that people in the crime scene cleanup business would be made stoic by the harsh conditions their jobs expose them to every day. However, in our experience with Bio-Trauma 911, we have found quite the opposite to be true. This team of compassionate crime scene cleaners is keenly aware that they are providing a much-needed service to friends and families in a time of grief, and make it their mission to provide the best service possible while respecting the situation at hand. For those not in the crime scene cleanup business - myself included - it is difficult to imagine what crime scene cleaners face each and every day. But for as difficult as it is to imagine their world, it is even harder to imagine our world without them.

The people at Bio-Trauma 911 work to ease the burden on friends and family as much as possible. They understand that the people closest to the situation may not be comfortable enough, or emotionally able, to discuss the specifics, and are open to talking with a representative of your family who can relay pertinent information on your behalf. A crime scene can be among the most dangerous locations we ever have the misfortune of encountering, and the majority of us are not capable of cleaning the scene effectively, or handling the emotional aspect when we are close to the situation. Crime scene cleaners know the proper steps to take and precautions to adhere to, and are trained to keep a dedicated attention to the task at hand that helps them to do their job properly, yet respectfully.

Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. offers not only crime scene cleanup services, but also cleanup services of many varieties that present similar contamination concerns, to include: suicide cleanup, decomposition cleanup, removal of fecal matter originating from humans, pets or rodents, blood cleanup and gross filth/hoarding cleanup. Each of these situations presents hazards to the untrained, unprotected person, and is best left to professionals. Bio-Trauma 911, Inc.'s services are available in many locations throughout California, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. They also work in areas beyond these states often; however, if your location is too far for them to travel they will recommend a crime scene cleaner in your area that they know to be a smart choice. In addition to crime scene cleanup services, Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. also offers crime scene cleaner training nationwide to extend the reach of what they know and have learned even further.