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Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Are Smart For Schools!

It can be difficult enough to ensure adults are washing their hands properly to help avoid the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses; however, when you add children to this mix, children that are anxious to get back to class or recess, and rush through just about everything - it gets a lot more than difficult! While the rushing around and taking more delight in time with friends than the careful washing of hands really is just kids being kids, it can result in illnesses that keep them away from their friends a lot longer than a thorough hand-washing would have. With this in mind, many schools are investing in Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers.

How Can Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Help Keep Schools Clean?

A lot of effort is typically put into school cleanliness as it applies to the school itself. From disinfecting the restrooms daily to ensuring the carpets are shampooed on a regular basis, a great deal of time and products go into the task of keeping the building as fresh as possible for students and staff. However, when it comes to keeping the students and staff clean themselves, the only product many schools offer is hand soap. A good hand soap is a great start, and used properly it is a strong defense against the spread of everything from the common cold to the flu. However, additional products, such as Alcohol Free HandClens, are a powerful ally of soap. Many schools are adding Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers to classrooms and heavy-traffic areas, such as hallways, to encourage students and staff to take this extra step in sanitation. Alcohol free HandClens is a popular choice as it kills germs quickly and effectively - 99.99% of germs in 15 seconds, to be precise, and is gentle on skin. Hand sanitizers with alcohol can burn and irritate hands, particularly in the dry winter months. Alcohol is also flammable, making it a less than ideal ingredient to literally keep at the fingertips of everyone in a school. HandClens provides a non-flammable alternative that has lotion built in to its formula to further promote hand health. HandClens, recognizing the importance of their products and how beneficial they can be to schools, developed the hand hygiene program Simple As ABC. ABC is an acronym for “Always Be Clean", and clinical studies conducted according to Simple As ABC guidelines showed a 31-42% reduction in illness-related absenteeism when HandClens was used in schools as directed! That's 31-42% less times that students missed school, meaning not only less discomfort from being sick, but more time in class, and for many parents, less days missed from work that would have been spent caring for their sick children. Want to make alcohol free HandClens a part of your school? We proudly carry their popular Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers, as well as their “school bus yellow" manual Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. Whichever dispenser you choose, you get the same great HandClens protection for a fantastic price!