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Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer - Super For School, Wonderful For Work, Awesome For Anywhere!

Chances are good that most, if not all, of the people reading this have used a hand sanitizer of some sort at one time or another. Chances are also good that of those hand sanitizers used, at least one of them has had a drying effect on your skin, creating a burning sensation in small cuts on your hands, or left a strong, lingering scent behind. You won't have to worry about any of those downsides when you choose to use HandClens Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer! And in addition to being packed with protection against germs, the gentle formula also includes a light, soothing lotion. No more dry hands...No more stinging....No more annoying smell...No more germs! In fact, HandClens will kill 99.99% of disease-causing germs in just 15 seconds.

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers Earn An A+ In Schools

As more schools adopt the implementation of Hand Sanitizer Dispensers in hallways and other high traffic areas, the importance of high quality Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer grows. In addition to the alcohol free formula of HandClens being gentler on skin, it is also non flammable, an extremely important feature for products that will be made widely available to an entire building of students and staff. In fact, many schools completely ban the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers on school property, making alcohol free hand sanitizers not only a smarter option, but the only option. Luckily, with products like HandClens, this absence of alcohol does not bring a compromised clean in the least. In fact, when used according to the company's Simple As ABC guidelines, HandClens has shown in clinical studies to reduce the number of illness-related absences by up to 42%! Students can't learn from their classes if they aren't there to take them, nor can they learn from them if teachers aren't there to teach them. HandClens can play an important role in ensuring that each school day brings the most students and teachers as possible to the classroom, and that is quite a victory!

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers Earn - Employee Of The Month' At Work

Tired of catching the "office cold'? You know the one, it usually starts in Accounting and slowly works its way through the entire building until half the staff is curled up on couches at their respective homes watching daytime television and scaring the dog with their sneezes! Missed time from work can result in missed pay for many of us. And even those of us who are lucky enough to have paid sick days often can't afford to miss days away from our jobs. Our emails quickly pile up, our "To Do" list becomes seemingly insurmountable, and the number of empty tissue boxes and bottles of cold medicine surrounding us becomes a genuine hazard. While HandClens can't guarantee that using their Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer will prevent you from ever catching another cold or flu, they can guarantee that it will effectively kill 99.99% of disease-causing germs within 15 seconds. Simply be smart about keeping clean, and you have quite a powerful partner in the battle against germs.