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Silver Bullet AMâ„¢ Antimicrobial Epoxy Coating BC-4000 Concentrated General Purpose Cleaner (1-Gal) Silver Bullet AMâ„¢ Industrial Antimicrobial Aerosol
Silver Bullet AM - Tracer Black Antimicrobial Epoxy Liquid  (3 Gallon Kit) BC-4000 General Purpose Cleaner - 1 Gallon (Case of 4) Silver Bullet AM  Aerosol (6 cans per case)
Binks Pressure Tank Outfit
Our Price: $1,750.00

Bio Shield Tech and Silver Bullet AM® is your "shop-applied" antimicrobial HVAC solution.

Silver Bullet AM® is a high performance water based epoxy coating that provides all of the durability and antimicrobial protection needed for years of equipment protection. It can be field or shop applied and is easily applied by brush, roller or spray application. No special equipment is needed and everything cleans up with water. There is the additional benefit of little to no odor during application and no odor once dried.
Silver Bullet is available in Tracer Black, Tracer White, Clear and in an aerosol clear for smaller applications and touch up.

Silver Bullet AM® is a cost effective alternative to using already coated coil steel. And don't be fooled by coatings containing bactericides. They will only inhibit the growth of the bacteria present at the time and have no ability for long term protection of the HVAC system. Only Silver Bullet AM® can provide that long term peace of mind. Silver Bullet AM® is a registered trademark of Burke Industrial Coatings.

By using antimicrobial protected coated steel and components when building new HVAC systems, the growth of odor causing bacteria can be reduced significantly. Utilizing Agion® Antimicrobial technology along with proper maintenance and cleaning will provide a cleaner more efficient HVAC unit.

Bio Shield Tech is the preferred HVAC specialist for Silver Bullet AM® Antimicrobial protected coatings.