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Silver Bullet AM® - A Shop Applied Antimicrobial Coating For HVAC Projects Of Any Size

Whatever size structure you'll be outfitting with an HVAC system, from a small office building to a new wing of a college, chances are your spec sheet will call for antimicrobial coated steel for its construction. This somewhat recent addition to the requirements that must be met in fabricating an HVAC system was no accident. In fact, this antimicrobial coating brings one of the most significant advances that we have seen in years for protecting a building's inhabitants every minute of the day. Considering safety features when building a new structure is not a new concept; however, for all the effort and money that goes into sprinkler systems alone, air quality is something that was and is often overlooked. We say this not to downplay the importance of advanced emergency systems, but to highlight how something so very important as the cleanliness of the air within the building at every hour of the day should never be pushed out of mind. Silver Bullet AM, a shop applied antimicrobial coating, works to help ensure your HVAC system does not become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, mildew and algae, contaminants that can very easily spread wildly and widely through an untreated HVAC system. Straight from the vent to the people within the building, the health risks a dirty HVAC system harbors are not to be taken lightly. So what exactly does Silver Bullet AM shop applied antimicrobial coating do to address the potential widespread contamination an HVAC system can cause? Quite simply, it stops it before it starts. As the old adage goes, it is easier to prevent a problem than fix it, and Silver Bullet aims to do just that. The efficiency of airflow that an HVAC system brings is unparalleled; however, just as easily as it provides heated or cooled air to each vent in a building, so it can provide an army of harmful bacteria. Once a contaminant has had an opportunity to enter the system it can spread and grow rapidly. Silver Bullet shop applied antimicrobial coating helps protect against this possibility by coating the materials used in the system's construction with a powerful, potent epoxy that inhibits such growth. This cutting-edge product from the Agion family of protectants works with the natural antimicrobial action of silver to provide your HVAC system with an advanced, active agenda of growth suppression. is pleased to offer a stellar selection of Silver Bullet AM Shop Applied Antimicrobial Coating, with sizes suited to every job. Whether your project requires 3 quarts or 300 gallons, we arm you with the tools that help you to meet current specs effectively and efficiently.