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Food and Hygiene Swab Test Kits

A wide array of Hygiena food and hygiene swab test options is available here from the top name in the industry for quality, economy and reliability. Hygiena ATP swabs for use in conjunction with the various ATP Meters sold here at Bio Shield are available in cases of 100 swabs each and can be used for testing either free ATP levels, total ATP levels or both. ATP hygiene monitoring systems provide detailed measurement readings as well as a report briefing so you can take appropriate action. An ATP swab test used for the food and medical industry allows for continued assurance that surfaces and products are not contaminated.

You’ll also find additional all-in-one hygiene swab test kits that operate without the need of a separate monitoring device. These include a bacterial swab test, swabs to indicate protein residue, the presence of lactose or glucose, and detection of Listeria.