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Build a better duct with bio shield tech.

Bio Shield Tech and Silver Bullet AM® is your "shop-applied" antimicrobial HVAC solution.

Silver Bullet AM® is a high performance water based epoxy coating that provides all of the durability and antimicrobial protection needed for years of equipment protection. It can be field or shop applied and is easily applied by brush, roller or spray application. No special equipment is needed and everything cleans up with water. There is the additional benefit of little to no odor during application and no odor once dried. Silver Bullet is available in Tracer Black, Tracer White, Clear and in an aerosol clear for smaller applications and touch up.

spray equipment for shop applied coatings

Silver Bullet AM® is a cost effective alternative to using already coated coil steel. And don't be fooled by coatings containing bactericides. They will only inhibit the growth of the bacteria present at the time and have no ability for long term protection of the HVAC system. Only Silver Bullet AM® can provide that long term peace of mind. Silver Bullet AM® is a registered trademark of Burke Industrial Coatings.

By using antimicrobial protected coated steel and components when building new HVAC systems, the growth of odor causing bacteria can be reduced significantly. Utilizing Agion® Antimicrobial technology along with proper maintenance and cleaning will provide a cleaner more efficient HVAC unit.

Bio Shield Tech is the preferred HVAC specialist for Silver Bullet AM® Antimicrobial protected coatings.

There is NO substitute for Silver Bullet AM®. Silver Bullet AM® using Agion technology meets current project specifications for antimicrobial efficacy tested by an NRTL.


  • No long lead times.
  • No large minimum orders.
  • No need to purchase expensive pre-coated or pre-fabricated components by others.
  • Consistent color match throughout the entire project. Black, White or Clear antimicrobial.
  • By using standard steel from your current supplier, Silver Bullet AM provides you the opportunity to be at the leading edge of antimicrobial technology, while controlling all aspects of the fabrication process.


  • Assist in choosing the appropriate products for your project.
  • Assist in preparing your submittles during the bidding process.
  • Provide square footage pricing.
  • Assist you in marketing this technology to your customers.
  • Communicate with architects, specifiers, and design engineers on your behalf.
  • Recommend the appropriate equipment for spec compliance and for "Shop-Application".
  • Assist in securing third party lab testing for efficacy.

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It's common knowledge that most projects include rectangular and round duct. Bio Shield Tech and Silver Bullet AM is your only solution for shop applied antimicrobial coatings that meet current specifications. We give you the tools you need to succeed with antimicrobial protected shop applied coatings.

Why Antimicrobial Protected Coatings Are Being Used In HVAC Installations

Today much demand is being placed controlling the growth and the spread of bacteria. Many new building projects are calling for antimicrobial protected steel to be used in the HVAC systems of airports, schools, medical centers, and many other businesses and even residential communities.

HVAC systems provide a natural breeding ground for microbiological growth that creates odor due to moisture, dust and dirt, and darkness that are present within the system. These microbiological organisms can grow anywhere from the coils, filters, drain pans and the walls of the unit. As air passes through a bacteria laden HVAC unit, it recirculates the tainted air throughout the building.

How Silver Bullet AM® with Agion® Antimicrobial Technology Works

Silver Bullet AM® Antimicrobial Coatings uses breakthrough Agion® Silver Zeolite Technology. Silver is a safe and effective way to prevent growth of bacteria in hospitals, water filters, medical devices, consumer products, food processing facilities and is EPA registered for use in HVAC systems. Agion® unleashes the natural antimicrobial power of silver with a unique zeolite carrier and ion exchange device that manages the release of the silver ions to provide continuous suppression of microbial growth wherever it is applied.

Silver Bullet AM® Antimicrobial Coatings, with it's unique resin system, can be applied to walls, ducts, coils, filters and plastic components of HVAC systems. Field and laboratory data shows long-term control of the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus on components treated with Agion® Antimicrobial technology.
* Silver Bullet AM® is a registered trademark of Burke Industrial Coatings

Agion® silver based compounds are NSF Certified, FDA Listed, And EPA Registered for Food, Water, and HVAC Applications.

HVAC antimicrobial application

The Benefits of Shop Applied Silver Bullet AM®

In order to meet the specifications of new HVAC installations, HVAC companies have a choice. They can purchase steel already coated with an antimicrobial coating, which can be quite costly, or they can purchase Silver Bullet AM® Antimicrobial epoxy coating system, and apply it themselves. This cost-effective process of applying an antimicrobial protected coating is known as "Shop Applied". Shop Applied Silver Bullet AM® is available as an epoxy liquid coating in Clear, Black/Tinted or Pigmented/White Tracer. Silver Bullet AM® is also available as an aerosol spray, ideal for onsite touch-ups. Bio Shield Tech, and Silver Bullet AM® ensures a high degree of flexibility that cannot be achieved using pre coated steel. No HVAC project is too small or too large. Silver Bullet AM® provides great value for smaller HVAC installations, or for duct manufacturers who do not have the need or desire to purchase large quantities of pre-coated steel at once.

We are here to help

Not familiar with the "shop applied" or spray coating process? Bio Shield Tech has the knowledge and expertise to help you get started applying our coating technologies to your projects like a pro within hours. We can help with appropriate equipment selection, as well as proper protective equipment.

Bio Shield Tech is an approved HVAC specialist for Silver Bullet AM®.

To Learn More about Shop Applied Antimicrobial Protected Coatings, please contact Bio Shield Tech at 888-489-9226.



Although our antimicrobial protected coatings help to protect coated surfaces from microbial growth, Bio Shield does not make any assertion that the products will eliminate the threat of disease-causing organisms. Even with the use of our protective coatings, we strongly recommend that standard hygienic practices be strictly followed.