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Alcohol Free HandClens - A Superior Hand Sanitizer In The Battle Against Germs!

Chances are that almost everyone reading this has hand sanitizer in their home, desk, purse or pocket. Hand sanitizer moved up the ranks from a new consumer product to an everyday essential in many peoples lives very quickly. You can purchase a container of sanitizer at almost every register you visit regularly, from the grocery store to the drugstore to the local big box retailer; and whether it's a spray, gel or foam, unscented or scented, most people assume that all hand sanitizers are created equal when it comes to their cleaning power. Unfortunately, the common thread between most of these sanitizers isn't their germ-busting capability, but their near-universal inadequate protection. There is, however, one hand sanitizer that sets itself apart from the pack - alcohol free HandClens.

What's so different about HandClens? HandClens has the science to support the efficacy claims, and is the only alcohol free hand sanitizer that meets FDA protocols. There are no compromises. There is simply superior protection against germs and illness with economical, easy-to-use delivery systems that are ideal for helping adults and children stay healthy, whether they're at school, the office, or on the living room couch!

Looking for something small for personal use? Consider our 1.7 oz HandClens Foam. This formula brings the serious sanitizing power, killing 99.99% of harmful, disease-causing germs in just 15 seconds. However, it is important to remember that this powerful hand sanitizer does not bring the negatives that many competitors' products do. Because it is an alcohol free hand sanitizer, it is nontoxic, nonflammable, and importantly, non-burning. Especially in the Winter, when hands can quickly become cracked and dry, it is important to avoid products with an alcohol base that stings and further traumatizes the skin. Alcohol Free HandClens brings the clean without the sting. In fact, their unique, patented formula actually helps your hands heal with a built-in lotion!

Are you shopping for a sanitizing solution for a school, office, hospital, or any other facility where many people will benefit from the availability of a hand cleaning product? Hand Clens also offers Manual Sanitizer Dispensers and Touch-Free Sanitizer Dispensers, including a bright yellow Sanitizer Dispenser ideal for placement in schools and school buses. Logically, if sanitizing solutions are available to us in an easy-to-use and access location, we will take advantage of them, protecting ourselves and others against germs. But not content to rely solely on logic, a recent study of healthcare workers showed that they sanitized their hands 20% more often when a touch-free dispenser was introduced! An impressive statistic unto itself, the true impact that 20% can have is best understood when considering that a school-based hygiene study involving the introduction of alcohol free HandClens to the school environment reduced illness-based absenteeism by a generous 31-42%.

Not only is Hand Clens keeping kids and medical professionals clean and in class or at work, but it's also working to promote a healthier way of life. Particularly as it applies to children, good hygiene habits learned now will carry with them throughout their lives. And it's a lot easier to learn these hygiene habits, and everything else taught in schools, when they are well enough to attend! Sickness knows no season. Protect yourself and those around you from germs with alcohol free HandClens.