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HandClens Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer Is A Gentle, Effective Solution!

If there's one battle we are all fighting together, it is definitely the battle against germs. Whether we're up against cold and flu season in the winter, or spending more time at crowded places in the summer, we are faced with year-round potential attacks on our immune system. What starts with a sniffle and a sneeze can quickly have us out of commission, leaving work undone and tasks unaccomplished as a tower of tissues threatens to topple out of the trash can. Aside from the discomfort associated with being sick, many of us simply can't afford this time lost at school, work, and in our lives in general. And with that in mind, we must take some extra steps to ensure we're as prepared for battle as we can be. One important weapon to have in your arsenal? HandClens Foaming Hand Sanitizer.

What Makes Foaming Hand Sanitizer Better Than The Rest?
There are several delivery methods for hand sanitizers on the market, with hand sanitizing gel being the most common. Hand sanitizer spray is also a popular pick for purses and pockets, though gel is available in a wider variety of scents and sizes. But for as easy as gels and sprays both are to find, something else they have in common is that they tend to be very drying, stinging chapped hands upon contact and turning sanitation into punishment! The problem with most of these sanitizers is that they rely upon alcohol as their active ingredient. HandClens Foaming Hand Sanitizer is a completely alcohol free formula that won't sting your skin or cause dryness, and actually hydrates your skin with each use. Formulated with allantoin, a natural moisturizer that skin simply loves, HandClens takes the pain out of the pump while killing bacteria just as effectively as its harsh counterparts. HandClens also makes sanitizing simpler with a foam formula that is easier to spread across the skin than gel or spray, providing a more comprehensive clean. Add to that the fact that it's available in a wide array of sizes for personal use or public use, and as either a softly-scented or unscented sanitizer, and you'll see why so many people trust their skin to HandClens!

Is HandClens Foaming Hand Sanitizer Safe For My Whole Family? Absolutely. HandClens brings one of the gentlest, most effective formulas available, and actually had its beginnings in the professional health care field. HandClens was such a hit that they branched out to the general public and created a unique hand hygiene program for schools - always Be Clean (or ABC). The HandClens ABC Hand Hygiene Program was designed to reduce the illness-related absenteeism that is so common in schools among students and teachers. Because HandClens foaming hand sanitizer is alcohol free, it is a safe solution for schools that ban any products containing alcohol on school grounds. In addition, HandClens sets itself apart with a patented formula that keeps killing germs after it has been applied. It also provides a cleaner feel than many sanitizers, leaving hands soft instead of sticky, thereby encouraging proper and continued use. Want to try this revolutionary Foaming Hand Sanitizer for yourself? Check out our popular 8 ounce HandClens and see how much smarter a sanitizer can be. And once you've been convinced, stop back for one of our Hand Sanitizer Dispensers for work or school!