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The preferred Hvac Specialist for silver bullet Am ®

Silver Bullet AM® is a high-performance; water-based epoxy coating that provides all of the durability and antimicrobial protection needed for years of equipment protection. It can be field or shop-applied and is easily applied by brush, roller or spray application. No special equipment is needed and everything cleans up with water. It also has the additional benefits of little to no odor during application and no odor once dried. Silver Bullet AM® is available in Tracer Black, Tracer White, Clear and in Aerosol Clear for smaller applications and touch-ups. Click Below to download PDFs

Silver Bullet AM® Antimicrobial Protected Coatings, with its unique resin system, can be applied to walls, ducts, drain pans, metal and plastic components of HVAC systems. Field and laboratory data shows long-term control of the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and fungus on components treated with Agion® Antimicrobial technology.


The Experts in Hvac antimicrobial protected coatings.

Bio Shield Tech has the industry insight and solutions expertise to help you understand current antimicrobial technologies and to choose the right infection control products and solution required to meet the varied needs of any environment. With more than a decade of experience, we are recognized as an industry leader in the solutions, protocols and trends of the antimicrobial industry.


Medical & Manufacturing Facilities


Construction & HVAC Fabricators


Government Agencies

Bio Shield Tech is trusted supplier to medical and manufacturing facilities, construction and HVAC fabricators, and government agencies in need of antimicrobial and personal protection products. Our knowledgeable industry experts are available to guide you through each phase of the process, and will show you how Silver Bullet AM® can easily satisfy your requirements.

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    A cost effective alternative

    Bio Shield Tech offers a wide selection of Silver Bullet AM® Shop-Applied Antimicrobial Protected Coatings, with sizes suited to any job. Whether your project requires 3 quarts or 300 gallons, we can supply you with what you need to complete the job. Our flexible ordering system allows you to order the quantity you need, when you need it. Silver Bullet AM® provides a cost effective alternative to pre-coated coil steel.
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    Tested safe and effective

    As an approved HVAC specialist for Silver Bullet AM®, Bio Shield Tech products include Agion® Antimicrobial compounds that have been tested for efficacy by an NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) and are registered by the EPA for safe use in HVAC systems.
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    Value engineering

    When it comes to indoor air quality and long term investment in technology that can provide years of benefit for building occupants, the phrase “Value Engineering” should never be considered when antimicrobial technology is being called out in specification documents. Bio Shield Tech can help spec writers, design engineers, general contractors and end users understand why this beneficial feature should NEVER be removed or substituted in any way.

Industry proven antimicrobial hvac coatings...

Epoxy liquid cans

Silver Bullet AM - Antimicrobial Epoxy Liquid

Silver Bullet AM is a tough, heavy duty, extremely chemical-resistant epoxy designed for maximum performance in severe environments.

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Aerosol cans

Silver Bullet AM Aerosol

An acrylic aerosol Antimicrobial product. It contains both a bactericide to protect against over 650 strains of bacteria.

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Cleaner bottle and box

BC-4000 General Purpose Cleaner

A general-purpose liquid alkaline cleaner designed to handle a wide variety of industrial and general metalworking applications.

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The Shop-Applied Process proves to be a much more efficient process and allows for a just-in-time approach when managing our sheet metal inventory.

Rich Berg, RKB Sheet Metal - Project: Middletown School
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At Bio Shield Tech, we stand for providing you with the safest, EPA-registered antimicrobial technology available!

Jeff Drucker, President, Bio Shield Tech
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We would definitely use Bio Shield Tech again when the spec calls for antimicrobial protected coating.

Manny Swammi, ACS Systems Associates - Project: JFK Kennedy International Airport
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Hvac Antimicrobial duct spray and paint coatings

We offer the very best specialty coating systems and epoxy sealants to kill and inhibit future reproduction of bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus and algae on a wide range of surfaces. Silver Bullet AM®, a patented antimicrobial duct spray and paint coating, is an easy-to-apply water-based product that provides years of antimicrobial protection after one single field applied application. Silver Bullet AM HVAC silver coatings are appropriate for use on all metallic and plastic parts within an entire HVAC system and can be safely used in both medical and manufacturing environments, construction, and HVAC fabrication operations.

Silver Bullet AM® is used in a variety of governmental agencies requiring antimicrobial protection for personnel and equipment. It is the number one preferred brand of antimicrobial coatings for ductwork and medical devices, the best mold-resistant paint, and comes in your choice of white, black or clear coat.

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